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Halifax Plantation Loyalty Program

***ALL points need to be redeemed by April 30th, 2017. ***

Essentials of the Program

1. The purchase of certain items will result in the accumulation of points which can be redeemed for the complimentary purchase of that same item or other items in the program. All F&B menu items within the program accrue points at approx. a 5% multiple of their pricing  ~ for example a $20 entrée would accrue you 5 points and could be redeemed for 250 points. Redemption points vary according to margin, item & menu. Buffets are excluded from the program. Some items accrue points at more or less depending upon their pricing i.e. Happy Hour, etc. This is a fluid program; accrual and redemption rates change frequently according to menu, seasonal pricing and special offers being run. See the list below for current points values. This program is COMPLIMENTARY; we hope you enjoy it.

HPGC Golf Members within the program accrue points at approx. double the normal accrual rate, depending upon which Tier they are in.

2. There will be occasional Retail Loyalty Promotions whereby points may be earned at certain times and days at an increased rate than usual. These special promotions will be broadcast via email. A valid email address is required to receive notifications.

3. You need enough points to redeem for an individual item. Partial use of points and other tenders is not possible. Points cannot be used to pay state taxes. Participant is responsible for the payment of all taxes on items redeemed with points

4. Signed receipts are required for all loyalty program transactions. Verify your receipt and points earnings after each transaction. Valid receipts will be required for all accounting queries.

ALL points need to be redeemed by April 30th, 2017. The program will resume on Tuesday May 2nd,  2017.

F&B Loyalty Points Redemption Report

Golf Loyalty Points Redemption Report

Loyalty Program Signup Form

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